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The Élan Experience

The Élan Experience

Intensive, Outpatient Treatment

Élan n, ardor, spirit, life energy - The Élan Experience is designed to enhance quality of life through abstinence. Distinguished by its pioneering development and belief in the efficacy of intensive non-residential treatment programs, SAGE Counselling and Addiction Services presents The Élan Experience; the premiere outpatient program for alcohol, drug and process dependencies.

The success of a non-residential program is founded on the principle that clients are able to draw upon the support of family, friends and the community; applying their newly developed skills in daily living, while continuing to live at home and often continuing to work.

The ELAN Experience is undertaken as a group process. Group size is kept small to allow individual insight around the process of addiction, recovery, behavior patterns, self-empowerment and personal growth and development.

Why Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment costs less than residential or inpatient treatment and often is more suitable for people with jobs or extensive social supports. An outpatient model, such as an intensive day or evening treatment program, is comparable to a residential program in services and effectiveness depending on the individual participant’s characteristics and needs.

The Advantages of Outpatient Treatment

  • The ability to work or attend school while in treatment. Outpatient treatment programs are often scheduled so that participants may fulfill work or school obligations.

  • Greater privacy. While by law a participant has no obligation to disclose their need for residential addiction treatment to anyone, many people find that in reality it can be difficult to explain away a prolonged absence from work or school. Since the participant remains at work or in school during outpatient treatment, their privacy may be more assured.

  • The ability to care for dependent children while in treatment. Dependent children make entering into residential treatment more complicated, particularly if the participant is the primary or sole caregiver. If a participant is able to abstain from drug use while participating in outpatient treatment, they will be able to continue to care for their children.

  • Building friendships with peers in recovery. The participant can get close to people in their outpatient peer therapy groups, and these peers can then become a valuable source of long-lasting abstinent support.

  • The lessons of therapy can be applied immediately. There is value in immediately putting into practice the teachings of treatment. Outpatient therapy gives the participant the opportunity to test their skills in real life, and to then bring back their experience to discuss with their group.

For more information, or to determine if the Élan Experience is right for you, please contact Sage at 604-558-0090