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Addiction Services

Addiction Services

Drug and Alcohol Education

Drugs and Alcohol can affect people’s lives. Depending on the needs of the individual, our drug and alcohol education programs provide information about the harmful effects of addictive drugs, how these substances may already be affecting their lives, and how to obtain further help if necessary. Our programs also fulfill the requirements of court orders and legal recommendations, probation, and driving suspensions.

Level I is an 8-hour didactic class which focuses on educating the participant on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

Level II is a 12-hour didactic and experiential class which moves beyond the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol into how these substances may already be affecting the life of the participant. It questions the role that drugs and alcohol play in their life today.

Level III is a 20-hour didactic and experiential class which educates the participant about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and whether or not it plays a role in the life of the participant. It begins to challenge the coping skills and behaviours which are allowing the participant to use substances in an unhealthy manner. The participant begins to learn healthier communication styles and cognitive behaviours to effect meaningful change in their lives.

These programs are offered in a class or 1:1 format depending on your requirements.

Court Mandated Treatment and Aftercare

Sage is recognized throughout Canada, as well as many states in the U.S. for providing court mandated treatment and aftercare.

Treatment Referral

As a recognized addiction counselling and treatment agency, Sage is able to facilitate treatment referrals into residential treatment programs both locally as well as outside of the province.

Addiction Assessment and Referral

Comprehensive assessment and evaluation includes a review of personal, family and drug and alcohol histories resulting in a determination of practical treatment goals. The process may be initiate by an individual or by their family, employer, union, health group, insurance company, lawyer, or government agency.

Family Education and Support

Recognizing that addiction does not just affect the individual who is using substances, Sage offers education and support to the families and friends of such individuals. Our program works to facilitate understanding of addiction, as well as the recovery process, and teaches that boundary setting leads to the healthiest outcome in all relationships.

For more information, or to determine if any of these services is right for you, please contact Sage at 604-558-0090